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City Cruisers began its roots in 2016 by group of friends that had common cycling interests. This friendship helped forged a strong desire to become better cyclists together as well as help in the community. Through hard work and determination, City Cruisers Cycling Friends, a non-profit organization was established in July of 2017 to provide healthier activities for the community as well as create events to help individuals in need through numerous causes such as Cancer Awareness events and Community Autism runs. Not forgetting our basis of our group, which is family and friendship, our group has been steadily growing and expanding in to the nearby areas of Cameron County, Hidalgo County and even parts of Central Texas!


group activities

empanada ride.jpg

Empanada Ride

This is our weekly group ride that is typically 25 to 30 miles and includes a stop at a local bakery for a sweet snack to replenish the your energy.

Follow City Cruisers Cycling on Facebook for more information.

Morning Group Runs

Running alone can be get boring. Having someone along for miles or just to meet up with to get started can really make it tolerable. Join us for our some early morning miles.

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